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paperclay translucent porcelain in "window-door"


Dr. Rosette Gault is available for private consultation.

In some cases just a book or internet hearsay is not enough. In some regions the traditional ceramics approach and the "old rules" is what the teachers offer learners. Some teachers of ceramics teach only the traditions they learned

To get the advantages of paperclay over traditional clay, a very high percentage (80-90%) of traditional methods were expanded or changed in some way as has been illustrated and explained in my books.

If you have a special project or are researching paperclay consider how a special session might save you lots of time and money as you advance in your career.

Workshops or masterclasses later in the year will be announced.

Innovation in Ceramic Paperclay

This Ph.D academic document based on existing creative and published work surveys influence of Dr. Gault's research and innovation, art and teaching on development field of paperclay ceramics particularly since the 1970's. A high proportion of the full spectrum of technical innovation in the 2013 book is cited traced back to her first public teaching in 1991 and work prior.

This 130 page document is available on pdf by request for a donation to cover costs of its preparation.