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©2016 P'Clay® and P'Slip® / US Patent Number 5,726,111. Because there are variables beyond my control (selections clays, papers, water, mixing errors and etc) always pre test fire samples and use at your own risk.

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paperclay translucent porcelain in "window-door"


Study with Rosette

Second Printing of Paperclay Art and Practice is now available and detail updated from the first printing.

Again thank you to all contributors. The overflow of excellent work by artists will appear in new titles- that are are production but no release date set yet.

I am in studio working on new work and new projects and new course also. I am grateful. Travel shedule is not firmed up yet.

If interested in short term internship (unpaid) to help with the education admin support project or projects to benefit the paperclay communities- and you are a student enrolled in ceramics, preferably at masters or higher level - Please contact me by email- see link to right.

Private consultation available for special projects. Save hours of time and focus on your art and the design of your project.