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paperclay translucent porcelain in "window-door"


Study with Rosette

I will be presenting a weekend workshop sponsored by the Clay Club of Olympic College in Bremerton, WA, USA the first weekend in May, 2015. It is already sold out. As of March 9 they are not taking a waiting list.

If the situation changes, will notify those on my mailing group.

Second Printing of Paperclay Art and Practice is now available. It was possible to fix most all typos and errata so now it's better than ever. Again thank you to all contributors.

Innovation in Ceramic Paperclay (2013)

This academic document surveys influence of Dr. Gault's research and innovation, art and teaching on development field of paperclay ceramics particularly since the 1970's. A high proportion of technical innovation in the new ceramics today is traced back to her first public teaching in 1991 and research since 1970. Available