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paperclay translucent porcelain work


Summer 2014 Dr. Rosette Gault

Monday July 7, 2014.

PH.D by Existing Creative and Published Works Award ceremony gals and ceramic art and design at University of Sunderland in Sunderland UK. My thesis "Innovation in Paperclay Ceramic Arts" is in the library. Contact me for digital version PDF download. More info below.

Fri. August 15- Sat. Aug 16 Ocean Park, WAUSA

Almost full.

Masterclass will take place at an art center near Astoria Oregon and Long Beach, Washington State, USA. Limit 15.

Nearest airports Portland and Seattle. Ride share from airport to beach and homestay or B and B options available. Your chance for hands on. We will work with a tranlucent cone 6 porcelain- but all types of clay and firing will be discussed.

Contact registrar: Sue Raymond at Bay Avenue Gallery in Ocean Park, WA 1-360-665-5200. Or email Janice Richardson <> .

Paperclay Art and Practice The New Ceramics:

Every stage of making offers a chance to extend imagination and expressive freedom farther than ever possible with traditional clay. 

A giant Thank You to over 300 artists listed here from over 40 countries now who directly participated and contributed images, recipes, comments, encouragement to the new book above. Thousands more have been part of developments and indirect support of the teaching. If readers find errata, name spelling, or missing part- please email me know so I can note it.) Link to List of book Errata

Art and Liberation: Paperclay will contain nearly 250 full color artwork as an interactive digital version for ipad and pdf. Color pages are printable. All this color detail it is inspiring. See art overflow submitted for the 2013 book. Its expected Nov. 28, 2014 or sooner. Go Paperclay will not be ready until 2015 .

160 pp all color plates. USA/Canada LInk to Order from University of Pennsylvania Press Philadelphia USA: $28.95 ISBN 978-0-8122-2241-8 >>>>

UK/Australia/World LInk to Order from Bloomsbury Publishers

ISBN 978-1-4081-3120-6: UK: £19.99 AUS: $29.95  >>>>>

My Ph.D academic document "Innovation in Ceramic Paperclay" is completed. It surveys 40 years of art practice and research, patent, and published work in context of developments and teaching impact. For artists, scholars, researchers, engineers in the field of paperclay ceramics.