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Above title: 2015 Bloomsbury and UPenn Press Publisher


Paperclay for Ceramic Sculptors Handbook (2014)

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Innovation in Paperclay Ceramics, Gault Ph.D (2013)

Anyone pursuing academic degree involving paperclays will find extensive history, background and citation- of contribution and published research known prior to and after 1991.

Early Stage Research Water Report and Utube Info


Study with Rosette

While every effort was made to ensure that details were accurate in the book there were many eyes and I was far too close to it and did not have the final check with it either. Please forgive us who were preparing the book. If you note something please email me and I will make a note on this page. Thank You


Errata for Paperclay Art and Practice:

p 24_ text in last sentence of paragraph 2 explaining how the surface rubbing and burnishing process compresses cellulose fiber on the surface. The sentence should read...."Moisture and air cannot flow easily though flattened compressed fibre. To re-open a dry burnished surface for a join, scratch or rough it with a needle. To keep the interior fibre network open and flexible wedge or knead (optional) with soft (moist) paperclay rather than stiff.

p 79_ Caption: The artist Tine Deweerdt from Belgium (corrected spelling)

p 40 and p 79_Caption: Susan Shultz works are press molded and then hand modeled, altered and detailed to a custom forms, these works are not slip cast.

p 35_ Caption: The artist Helen Gilmour from UK (corrected spelling) She soaks her 100% cotton knitting in Magma porcelain slip. Quote from Helen: "Work dried out on balloon. It takes several days of soaking and drying to reach this stage when I am sure there is enough slip to result in a strong pot. The cotton all burns off in the firing process, leaving only the structural integrity of the knitting (as a finished ceramic form, RG). I fire to 1280C".

p 134_ Grace Nickel artwork, the photo was taken by William Eakin

p140_ the Lauren Mayer snow melt transition of the unfired paperclay chairs images over time outdoors: On the left image 1 and 2 should be switched to see the sequence.

p 153_ The flower is by Cory Olewnik (USA).

p157_MIle Hi Ceramics in Denver has closed.