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Because there are variables beyond my control (clays, papers, water, mixing errors and etc) always pre test fire what you have before a big project. No guarantee can be offered that 'alternative" commercial paperclays now on the market will meet the all the performance advantages of my high performance trademark P'Clay® brand only available from licensed manufacturers/distributors.

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Water base means the CeramicPaperclay P'Clays® clean up and rinse easily.

A portion of the proceeds from Rosette's work supports the world wide research effort for developing sustainable materials to clean water, scholarship awards to emerging talent in paperclay ceramics, potters for peace and more.

Price (Sug. Retail) Range: about USD $9-$18 per 25 lb bag depending on the shipping/delivery and the type of base clays.

One bag is enough for take home projects for as many as 30 students which averages out to be a mere 40 cents per student for take home projects. Use fresh as possible.


ceramic paperclay



Safety and Health Notes

Non-Toxic Certification

Product Family Groups

P'Clay® Sculptor Blend

P'Clay® Potter Blend

P'Slip® Basic Blend

P'Slip® Casting Blend


p'clay® and p'slip ceramic paperclays and paperslip

North America Manufacturers:

US Patent Number: 5,726,111

Tuckers Pottery Supply Richmond Hill (Toronto) Canada | 800-304-6185 (toll free) | tel.: 905-889-7705 | HIgh and low fire stocked serves the Northeast of USA and Canada.

Aardvark Clay and Supplywww.aardvarkclay.comSanta Ana, CA | 714-541-4157 and Las Vegas, Nevada. HIgh and low fire stocked. Papel translucent porcelain mid range and high fire, stoneware, P'Clays . Classes and Workshops.

Industrial Minerals IMCO | Sacramento, CA | 916-383-2811 att. Erik Struck | stock includes Potter and Sculptor blends, high and low fire

Clay Art Center Tacoma, WA | 800-952 8030 (toll free) varieties include, high fire buff stoneware, low fire white, plus a Grolleg (translucent) porcelain P'Clays.

East Bay Clay Custom Batch | Richmond, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) | 510-233-1800 att. Mike Haney: custom made batch for large scale sculpture, architectural and mural projects.

suppliers and distributors

North America: Contact any of the above to order direct or to learn where the outlets are nearest you. If you want just a tryout and you live distant in the USA, ask for just the amount that fits in a USPS fixed rate shipping box.

Distributors include: (Partial List) Baileys, Ceramic Supply of NY and NJ, include Potters Center, 110 Ellen St, Boise, Idaho, 837194 (208) 378-1112 | Greenbarn, 9548 192nd St. Surrey BC V4N 3R9, Canada (604) 888-3411 | Northwest Pottery, 1100 Industrial parkway Suite B400, Newberg, Oregon, 97132, (866) 425-2948 international

Expect your high or low fire glaze compatible trademark P'Clay® ceramic paperclay to arrive in soft, pliant, uniform color ready to use in resealable plastic bags each weighing about 25 pounds or 10 kg. There should be no flecks of paper visible to the naked eye. And P'Clay® and P'Slip® should be fresh made and not aged. Some types described here may not be available in every region yet. Making your own has been described ever since my first book and now is taught widely.Manufacturers will introduce or stock as interest and sufficient demand warrants.

Warning: Buyer beware. Similar looking products may not perform with all the features Rosette Gault explains in her books. Beware, non licensed ceramic paper clays, flax clay, fibre clay, could crack up in drying, will not be reliable for crack free wet on dry assembly and joins, and etc. If this has happened to you, work these as if they are traditional clays with traditional methods. Warning risk to those who might be tempted to purchase small batches studio made from neighbors. Rarely will those ingredients have been pre-tested or certified as non toxic and safe for sale to the public or with children.

Warning Please do check the safety information on this website to be aware of the known risks of using P'Slip®/P'Clay®ceramic paperclay and ceramic paperclay or paperslip. While every effort is made to insure highest quality, no guarantee of 100% is possible to make from a website alone. Professionals ALWAYS test fire a sample to be certain the batch looks and feels like you expect after fire.