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Mail Order Form:

Please send me music. Enclosed find my payment in US Funds for (check all that apply) :

Quantity ___ 1. Wake: 15.99 per each

Quantity ___ 2. Sleep: 15.99 per each

Quantity ___ 3. Roots of Blue: 15.99 per each

____Any Two Titles : $21.99 USD or ____Any Three for $31.99 USD

(Washington State Residents Sales Tax add $1.41 per title or 8.8%)

Add Shipping and Handling per order: $4 to US/Canada or $6 Overseas

Total Enclosed is ______________

Send the music to:





and or phone (in case of delay or question about your order):


Please print this form and send order to

New Century Arts

PO Box 9060,

Seattle, WA 98109

visual arts



graphic arts

new media

ceramic works 1970-1999

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See Catalog Compact Discs

wake: collection of 19 instrumentals

to contents list...hear mp3 music

sleep: collection of 16 for solo and muliple pianos

to contents list ..hear mp3 music

roots of blue: collection of 14 for piano and classical instruments.

to contents lists: hear mp 3music

Other Titles published by Rosette....

music on compact disc >>>>>>